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For the first time in almost 128 years, the Union is holding GM Week Elections without a student-run governance structure. The Union is the cornerstone and an integral part of the student experience at RPI, and the student union building is the living room of our campus. Our students have gained unprecedented experience from participating in the Union and shaped a Union that was truly theirs.

As President of the Union, I will work alongside the Grand Marshal to restore the Union’s student-run structure for the benefit of our future peers by:

  • Proceeding with the hiring process for a new Director of the Union with the thorough and frequent participation and approval of the Executive Board;
  • Working with students to build a marketing campaign around the benefits of a student-run Union and around the countless amazing activities, organizations, and accomplishments by our students through the Union; and
  • Working with Student Government to ensure the respective bodies retain and exercise their duties in the Union, its business, and its operations, as defined in the Union Constitution.

Priorities Matched

My pledges in this platform are not just “if elected” promises, and I made—and upheld—a similar pledge to this when running for Grand Marshal last year. My commitment to the Union stands now as a pledge to all students.

While this is my platform, I put student opinions and viewpoints first. If you believe there is an issue on this campus or in our Union that has not been addressed by Student Government or in my platform, send me an email at etzinj@rpi.edu. You have my word that your issue will be addressed as soon as possible.