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The Executive Board plays a fundamental, substantive role in the finances and operations for the Rensselaer Union. With every organization there are opportunities for improvements to operations and efficiency, and the Executive Board shows promise for improving its operational structure for the benefit for its members and the members of the Union.

As President of the Union, I will expand the Executive Board’s emphasis on operational excellence by:

  • Increasing the requirement for undergraduate representatives to serve on two Executive Board committees rather than one;
  • Introducing the subcommittee structure to allow for committees to effectively multitask on projects simultaneously;
  • Refactoring the Executive Board proposal cover sheet to include commonly-asked questions to maximize the in-meeting question and answer period with clubs and organizations;
  • Increasing frequency of Executive Board cabinet meetings from monthly to weekly to foster inter-committee discussion and provide additional time to strategize project development and pursual;
  • Reconfiguring the portion of Business Operations currently tasked with bookstore matters into a bookstore advisory committee to regularly recommend ideas to Follett Higher Education Group;
  • Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy with the committee chairs and the Student Government Communications Committee for expanding non-member membership of Executive Board committees;
  • Establishing a Union student employment advisory committee to allow for student staff members to weigh in on current student employment in the Union;
  • Auditing practiced operational proceedings in Executive Board meetings to ensure that meetings comply with Robert's Rules of Order and the Executive Board’s special rules of order, allowing the meetings operate as efficiently as possible; and
  • Introducing an “invitation to speak” section to the agendas of Executive Board meetings to allow for the views and ideas of the members of the Union to be presented whenever warranted.

Priorities Matched

My pledges in this platform are not just “if elected” promises, and I made—and upheld—a similar pledge to this when running for Grand Marshal last year. My commitment to the Union stands now as a pledge to all students.

While this is my platform, I put student opinions and viewpoints first. If you believe there is an issue on this campus or in our Union that has not been addressed by Student Government or in my platform, send me an email at etzinj@rpi.edu. You have my word that your issue will be addressed as soon as possible.