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Our student organizations are our Union. They fulfill a number of roles for our students—relieving stress, building community and friendships, expanding horizons, providing professional and personal development opportunities, giving back to the community, and more. All organizations deserve as much support from the Union as it can provide.

As President of the Union, I will ensure our club and organizations receive even more support from the Executive Board by:

  • Reconfiguring the Union website to include a page for consolidated club officer resources, including all classifications, policies, forms, and procedures necessary for effective leadership of organizations and interfacing with the Executive Board;
  • Creating quick-reference how-to guidelines for club officers to include in the consolidated resources page to provide quick reference guidance on business matters, such as club travel, finances, paperwork assistance, and club strategy;
  • Expanding and diversifying club classifications to allow for the appropriate catering of club differences and unique needs;
  • Collaborating with the Union Systems Administrators and the administrative staff to implement online purchase requisitions through the Club Management System, allowing for the digitization of both submission and approval processes;
  • Developing an annual, week-long series of events, in collaboration with the Grand Marshal Week Committee, dedicated to the variety of arts, gaming, and other special interest clubs within the Union by providing them with the support needed to host creative events throughout Grand Marshal Week; and
  • Outlining regular meeting requirements for representatives with their represented club officers and student activities resource persons, either individually or in groups.

Priorities Matched

My pledges in this platform are not just “if elected” promises, and I made—and upheld—a similar pledge to this when running for Grand Marshal last year. My commitment to the Union stands now as a pledge to all students.

While this is my platform, I put student opinions and viewpoints first. If you believe there is an issue on this campus or in our Union that has not been addressed by Student Government or in my platform, send me an email at etzinj@rpi.edu. You have my word that your issue will be addressed as soon as possible.