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The Executive Board handles the multimillion dollar budget of the Union, comprised mostly of student self-taxation through the Union Activity Fee. This substantial contribution confers on students not only membership into our Union, but also the right to understand the decisions being made by the student government, especially the Executive Board as the budgeting and financial body.

As President of the Union, I will promote a sense of accountability in the Executive Board by:

  • Actively promoting an environment of voting based on the opinions of the representative’s constituency, not just personal predisposition;
  • Auditing all policies to ensure that no regulations unreasonably restrict students’ rights to information and participation in the operation of our Union;
  • Changing the “committee of the week” report to regular, short-form committee reports occurring weekly to keep the Executive Board and members of the Union updated on committees and their projects’ progress;
  • Formalizing the Union Policies Committee’s legitimate role in creating operational policies by advocating for the appropriate policy-making responsibility to be delegated by the Student Senate;
  • Ensuring the standard for conducting business allows for an open environment by default and closing meetings only for strictly confidential information;
  • Renewing the lapsed practice of securing Student Senate approval on the Budgeting Guidelines and other operational policies;
  • Keeping record of committee attendance to ensure that Executive Board members are fulfilling their duties as committed; and
  • Establishing procedures that ensure that existing members of the Executive Board do not have an unfair advantage in applying for positions.

Priorities Matched

My pledges in this platform are not just “if elected” promises, and I made—and upheld—a similar pledge to this when running for Grand Marshal last year. My commitment to the Union stands now as a pledge to all students.

While this is my platform, I put student opinions and viewpoints first. If you believe there is an issue on this campus or in our Union that has not been addressed by Student Government or in my platform, send me an email at etzinj@rpi.edu. You have my word that your issue will be addressed as soon as possible.