I have had the privilege of serving the student body for the past four years in a variety of capacities, but my top priority remains steadfast throughout my time at RPI—ensuring we leave our alma mater a better place for our current and future peers.

According to dozens of students and alumni I have spoken to, these are some of the most trying of times in our Union’s history. I have worked to put our students—and our Union—first in every aspect of my term as Grand Marshal. The student body and Student Government have seen a landmark year across the board: passionate students have made their voices heard, regular communication between Student Government and its constituency has been restored, a record number of peers opted to share their opinions with the Student Senate, and students overwhelmingly reiterated their commitment to a student-run future for our Union.

I am running to be your next President of the Union out of a motivation to leave behind a Union which provides the same, continued unique opportunities that have made our time at RPI so special. My platform focuses on the areas of operational continuity, strengthening the involvement of clubs and students in the oversight of the Union, and an emphasis on continuing the mission for student self-governance and empowerment in our Union.

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Priorities Matched

My pledges in this platform are not just “if elected” promises, and I made—and upheld—a similar pledge to this when running for Grand Marshal last year. My commitment to the Union stands now as a pledge to all students.

While this is my platform, I put student opinions and viewpoints first. If you believe there is an issue on this campus or in our Union that has not been addressed by Student Government or in my platform, send me an email at etzinj@rpi.edu. You have my word that your issue will be addressed as soon as possible.