Reflecting on the past year as Grand Marshal

The Student Senate saw an incredible year for progress in the past term, and the student body had high levels of engagement in our general meetings, committees, projects, and surveys. Our committees and senators were able to bring new initiatives and ideas to campus, collaborating with Student Government and the different departments across campus to bring these ideas to reality.

Some of the accomplishments the Student Senate achieved over the past year include:

  • A steadfast support for the Union’s unique, student-run structure and for finding a future for this structure;
  • A pilot program for online drop-in tutoring by the Academic Affairs Committee in collaboration with the Advising & Learning Assistance Center;
  • A pilot program for a prescription delivery service by the Student Life Committee as a joint venture between Marra’s Pharmacy, the Executive Board, and Procurement Services;
  • A restructured communications platform and expanded social media presence by the Student Government Communications Committee for frequent, quick interactions between the student government and students, and the realization of a truly joint committee to accurately represent all bodies of student government, not just the Student Senate;
  • Progress toward a program by the Student Life Committee for dis-alarming and reopening additional points of entry to the residence halls;
  • The proposal of an expanded composting program by the Facilities and Services Committee to promote sustainable practices at RPI;
  • Progress toward a volunteer-based peer monitoring program by the Student Life Committee to succeed the former Student Peer Alcohol Monitoring program;
  • The endorsement of revisions to the new Cyber-Citizenship Policy from the Division of the Chief Information Officer;
  • The endorsement of select revisions to the Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities;
  • The affirmation of importance for ensuring our constituents are afforded appropriate recording rights during open meetings of Student Government;
  • The completion of the special Internal Reforms Committee’s task of auditing Senate operational policies to ensure efficiency, composing suggested revisions to the Union Constitution and creating new training materials for the benefit of ensuring new members of the Student Senate feel equipped and welcome to serve;
  • The reinstatement of tradition for annual presentations of the Student Life Performance Plan to the Student Senate; and
  • The introduction of a new “invitation to speak” section to the Student Senate meeting agendas to allow for any guests to speak before the Senate.

Grand Marshal Campaign Endorsements

  • Graduate Council
  • Interfraternity Council
  • Panhellenic Council
  • The Polytechnic