Hi, I'm Justin Etzine, and I'm running to be your next President of the Union! I’m honored to be currently serving you as the 152nd Grand Marshal. I’m currently pursuing my MBA as part of the coterminal program at RPI, and I previously studied computer science and information technology and web science. I grew up in south Florida, and I am a proud first-generation American. Some of my favorite hobbies include jogging, playing video games, playing tennis, and watching RPI Hockey; let’s go Red!

Prior to serving as Grand Marshal, I had the privilege of serving as a Class of 2018 Senator for three years. I previously served as Student Life Committee Chairperson and Web Technologies Group Chairperson, where we worked to advocate for student rights and develop free apps for the benefit of students, respectively. I have also served on the Union Policies Committee, where I worked with newly-forming clubs to develop club structure and guide them through the recognition process. Finally, I have played roles in the creation and writing of two Union Annual Reports, one for Fiscal Year 2016 and one for Fiscal Year 2019.

Outside of Student Government, I have participated in RPI TV, where I have previously served as business manager and facilities and equipment manager, and RPI Ambulance, where I am training to ride on night crews. I’m also a resident director for the Quad and a former resident assistant for Barton Hall, where I have the opportunity to instill in my residents the same love for RPI that drives me everyday. Through these outside involvements, I have experienced many aspects of campus, all of which have provided valuable ideas and insights that I work to incorporate into my volunteering in Student Government.